Security Assistance

Security Assistance

The continuing piracy threat in East Africa has forced vessel owners and charterers to place security measures on board their vessels, which often includes armed personnel.  In response to this, vessels entering East African ports must declare weapons / equipment on board and arrange for the required permits to be in place prior to entering the port .  In addition Customs escorts are required for any movement of weapons / equipment and when vessels are in port (at berth or anchor) weapons/equipment must be transferred to the port armory for the duration of the vessel’s stay.  This all requires a considerable amount of pro-active preparation, documentation and communication.

On behalf of our customers , we normally  arrange  all the necessary permits and co-ordinates with the relevant stake holders  to ensure a smooth operation 

Our services are summarized below:

  • Arranging required permits
  • Transfer of weapons and equipment from vessel to port armoury and vice versa
  • Temporary Import of weapons and equipment
  • Export of weapons and equipment
  • Onshore support for security personnel (transport, accommodation, medical etc.)

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